Eucheuma Cottonii Production

Eucheuma Cottonii

Eucheuma Cottonii species are used in the production of carrageenan, an ingredient for cosmetics, food processing, and industrial manufacturing, as well as a food source. Eucheuma Cottonii are naturally found within the range of 20 degrees on either side of the Equator in the Indo-Pacific region from eastern Africa to Guam, and are most dense in Southeast Asia.

Eucheuma Cottonii are typically found below the low tide mark to the upper sub tidal zone of a reef. Commercial growth of Eucheuma is an important source of income for people living in developing nations, where the production of the low-valued seaweed can be a sustainable source of income with lower environmental costs compared to other sectors of aquaculture. As Eucheuma are some of the most common and fastest growing species of seaweeds, their commercial aspects are visible by large quantities grown and harvested over short periods of time, possessing the ability to reach ten times their mass in merely 45 to 60 days in warm tropical settings.

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Seaweed Production
Seaweed Production
Seaweed Production
Seaweed Production


The seaweed is harvested 10-12 weeks after planting, to allow the crop to mature. The seaweeds are detached from the supporting lines and transported to the drying area.


The harvest is spread on a drying platform to dry. The plants are regularly turned over to ensure complete sun-drying.


The dried raw seaweed is packaged in nylon sacks in order to be shipped.

100% organic

No chemicals or artificial methods are used in cultivating, harvesting and the processing of the raw seaweed.

Unpolluted sea

Our seaweed is grown in the most unpolluted parts of the Indian Ocean along the Northern coast of Sri Lanka.


The harvesting and the processing of the raw seaweed is done entirely manually without the use of artificial mechanisms.

Ideal Conditions

We cultivate seaweed in the parts of the ocean with the ideal salinity levels and ocean temperature of 250C – 300C, in order to produce seaweed of the highest quality.

Industries Using Eucheuma Cottonii


Carrageenan is an extraction of red seaweed used widely in the food industry because it is high in natural nutrients such as Protein and Vitamins. It can be mostly found in Dairy and Meat products as well as in soups and salads. Most Asian countries, particularly Japan, and Korea utilize these plants as food. It is the perfect health food for children, pregnant womenand all human-beings.


Seaweed, blended with other cellulosic fibers is used in knitted fabrics. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory qualities which makes it especially suitable for sportswear and underwear. Seaweed when made into fabric is comfortable to wear and is nontoxic making it hugely popular in the textile industry.


Eucheuma Cottonii is good for skin care which is one of the main reasons it is used in beauty products such as Face Masks and shampoo. The seaweeds’ protecting agents help retain the skin’s nutrients and keeps the skin hydrated, soft and healthy.


Seaweed is used as a natural Fertilizer because it iscapable of increasing harvests. Carrageenan is known to effectively grow crops. It also has a resistance against various pests that damage the produce. Red seaweed is prominently used as a fertilizer for Rice.

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