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We are an eco-friendly organization that produces the best raw seaweed in Sri Lanka which is cultivated and harvested in coastal area under ideal conditions.

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Fair Trade

Raw seaweed is produced at Ceylon Seaweeds under safe and healthy working conditions creating employment opportunities for the economically disadvantaged families in Sri Lanka.


Our all natural cultivation and harvesting methods ensure the highest quality of the raw seaweed that we produce. No chemicals being used.

Government Supported

Our organization and its efforts to provide employment to underprivileged families in Sri Lanka are encouraged and supported by the Government of Sri Lanka.


We use eco-friendly and sustainable methods for cultivating and harvesting raw seaweed which only require sunlight and marine nutrients.

We Produce The Best Raw Seaweed In Sri Lanka

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100% Organic

No chemicals or artificial methods are used in cultivating, harvesting and the processing of the raw seaweed(Eucheuma Cottonii).

Unpolluted sea

Our seaweed is grown in the most unpolluted parts of the Indian Ocean along the Northern coast of Sri Lanka.


The harvesting and the processing of the raw seaweed is done entirely manually without the use of artificial mechanisms.

Salinity level and Ocean Temperature

We cultivate seaweed in the parts of the ocean with the ideal salinity levels and ocean temperature of 250C – 300C, in order to produce seaweed of the highest quality.

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