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Why Sri Lanka is a Logical Place For Seaweed Farming

Sri Lanka is located in a geographically ideal location for seaweed cultivation due to the unpolluted sea around the coastal belt of the island, possessing ideal ocean conditions for seaweed cultivation. Due to the various government initiatives implemented to encourage communities to diversify their livelihood opportunities in an environmentally sustainable manner, Sri Lanka functions as an ideal location for a seaweed export business.

Unpolluted Sea

Our seaweed is grown in the most unpolluted parts of the Indian Ocean along the Northern coast of Sri Lanka.

Geographical Location

Southeast Asia is dense with a natural growth of a multitude of seaweed species making it one of the most apt regions for seaweed farming.

Government Support

The government of Sri Lanka has implemented initiatives that encourage businesses that allow underprivileged families to diversify their sources of income.

Ideal Conditions

We cultivate seaweed in the parts of the ocean with the ideal salinity levels and ocean temperature of 250C – 300C, in order to produce seaweed of the highest quality.

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