Seaweed Company in Sri Lanka

We Care About The Environment

We employ 100% organic and sustainable methods in the production of seaweed and we believe in being environment friendly. The seaweed is harvested manually and is dried naturally in the sunlight. We aspire to be as close to nature as possible and we try to achieve that even in our work environment.

Our Outdoor Office

We are an eco-friendly organization that produces the best raw seaweed in Sri Lanka, which is cultivated and harvested in Sri Lanka under ideal conditions. We have provided employment for countless underprivileged fishery families in the Coastal Area. Our business was founded in 2018 by two individuals with years of experience in eco-friendly businesses. We are a rapidly growing organization that currently has 40 employees working on the harvesting and the processing of seaweed.

Government Supported

Fair Trade



How We Contribute To The Community

We focus on creating employment opportunities for the economically disadvantaged families of Sri Lanka. Especially families in Notheren Coastel Area have been adversely affected by the war and its aftermath and many fishing families struggle to make a living. We intend to provide them with secure employment opportunities in order to provide them with an additional means of income and increase their living standards. We have already employed many individuals from such families. Our main focus is to give back to the community around which this organization is formed.


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